Pro Cable Routing Ltd

We will of course listen to your needs and will offer advice on the positioning of your plasma ,LED or LCD screen taking into account mounting height, seating , viewing distance  and also whether the wall is suitable to take the weight.  We will then check for hidden wires or pipes etc prior to drilling or wall chasing.


If we are installing a projector and screen, we will look at lighting, mounting and distance of projector to screen to give you the best possible picture quality.


For home cinema installations we will advise on the best speaker positions, leads and speaker cable. And also the type of amplifier /all in one  etc.


Once you are happy with everything we will cover the room with dust sheets and move any furniture as necessary and we disconnect any existing equipment


We ask what you may need in the future, such as games systems i.e. Xbox360, PS3, Wii, PC, connections and home cinema .


Once the installation is complete, the site will be cleaned and tidied. We will then setup and configure your screen / home cinema to any existing equipment to achieve the best possible results